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Disposable Balloon Gas Cylinder

Disposable Balloon Gas Cylinder

Disposable helium balloon gas cylinder to fill 25 12" rubber balloons.

The D50 disposable helium gas canister is designed for quick and easy inflation of latex and foil balloons with helium gas. With a simple operation, the helium canister is ideal for domestic or commercial use, with a capacity of 0.42 cubic meters, it can inflate up to 50 x 9" latex balloons, 25 x 12" Latex Balloons, or 6 x 34" Giant Numbers or Letters.

Safety & Transport

Our balloon gas canisters are safe and supplied from a reputable source, they are made from high grade materials, not low grade steel which can have inherent weaknesses when under pressure and could lead to explosions.

All cylinders are shipped with warning and safety labels and carriers are made fully aware of their contents. We do not disguise cylinders in brown boxes and ship them with carriers who are unaware of the contents and would otherwise refuse to transport them.

Volumes & Measures

Ensure that you compare the volume of helium within a cylinder, not just the number of balloons it will inflate. Our Large D50 helium gas canister contains 0.42 cubic metres of helium, which translates to 14.83 cubic feet. It will fill up to 50 x nine-inch latex balloons. We always recommend using a balloon sizer to ensure accuracy and consistency when inflating balloons.

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